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Suzie Edge
After completing a mind-altering degree in Medical Molecular Biology I went on to graduate in the medical class of 2006. Six months later, half way through my first foundation year, as my colleagues were getting bogged down with MTAS and moving to Australia, I found I was pregnant and the same thing happened again a year later so I decided to be at home with my kids. The problem was, I just couldn’t sit still and so with a fascination for photography and internet 2.0, I set up a business helping other start-ups with images and social media content and I tried to forget about being a medic.
I made photographs and videos, started social media campaigns and met some wonderful and talented people. I wasn’t happy though, 5 yrs on I still missed medicine. It took another two years of paperwork and exams but I have since completed the Foundation Programme again, 10yrs after graduating. I have made it a little further this time. I’m very grateful for the opportunity.
I have been on the losing side playing rugby against the USA and I have failed repeatedly to put on an NBC respirator within 9 seconds but I have plenty more things to try.
Many are trying to convince me to join their specialty but few things float my boat more than emergency medicine, critical care and online innovations and collaboration but it all depends on other parts of life working together. I love watching ideas spread around the world (and a bit of geekiness too).
So here we go again…
Welcome to the blog –  juggling life, medicine, creativity and coffee. Behind the scenes thoughts on medical training.
Primary Survey refers to the first part of the assessment of sick patients following ABC. Perhaps I should have called this blog secondarysurvey.co.uk – but I own that domain too, so maybe that’s a project for another day.
You can find me on Twitter @SuzEdge or leave a comment here on the blog.

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